“We’ll always have Gaga”.

That’s what I thought as I left my last job.  Well, my second to last job.  No, the job before the second to last job.  You get the point.  God, I hated that job.  But as Lady Gaga wrote, it did have delicious barbecue and tequila.

I must say right out of the gate, Lady Gaga is single handedly the most genuine and sweet “famous” person that I have been given the honor of meeting and getting a teeny tiny glimpse into their life.  Teeny, teeny, teeny, teeny, teeny,  well, you get the point.

I was conducting our weekly manager meeting on the back patio of the restaurant when the owner got a text and nonchalantly said, “Lady Gaga may be coming in.  Let her order whatever she wants.”  You see, we were closed in the dining room at that time of day and only offering the bar menu at the bar.  But for sure, if she comes in, Lady Gaga damn well can order whatever she wants.  And not just because she is rich and famous, but because she stands for so much to so many, including myself, and to be able to give her something teeny tiny back is a no brainer.  But was Lady Gaga really going to come in???!!

YES SHE IS!  There she was, in what looked like 6 inch black Louboutins, dressed in all black, working a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle with long eyelashes and longggg finger nails on her paws.  She was with a tall man also dressed in black with long rocker hair.  They went right to the bar where there was only one older couple eating at the time.  The older couple was in town for there son’s wedding the following day.  They must have been the hit of the wedding.  Sorry, bride-to-be.

“I think we’re a bar couple,” were the first words I heard out of her childlike, adorable mouth.

Well, she is adorable.  I know you don’t see her described that way often but I found her to be just that.  First off, many celebrities aren’t as engaging.  Take another blond bombshell for example.  Not only was she not engaging, she had her husband do all of her talking, ordering, and commenting.  She wouldn’t even look you in the eye to say hello.  Now, this is not a typical celebrity gossip blog and I normally would not bring this up if it happened one time.  But she was a regular at one of my restaurants and came in almost weekly, and always acted in this way.  I know everyone has bad days and just like you and I, they too can have a bad day or life for that matter.  I don’t always act perfectly in restaurants.  That’s for sure.

Back to Gaga!  “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah!  Rama-ramama-ah, Gaga-ohh-la-la!”

I had a very special moment with Lady Gaga that I will cherish forever.  I thanked her for everything that she did, not just for her inspiring music but for the great she does for humanity and for equal rights.  She looked me dead in the eye and said, “I want to do this.  This is what I want to do,” and gave me a big hug.  And of course, I hugged her back.  She was so generous and kind.  I know the bartender was nervous at first but completely put at ease by her humbleness.  She ordered two chopped beef sandwiches and potato salad.  And after taking her first bite wanted more but her companion advised that she wait till she was done with the first two.  She drank tequila neat. She asked me where I was from and when she heard New Jersey she told me that was where her dad was from.  And sure enough it was just up Route 22.  We talked about our New York, the lower East side and she called me one of them.  Gosh, she made everyone feel so comfortable.

And a little note about her humbleness.  She told me she had come from Guadalajara.  She couldn’t believe people, her Monsters, paid an average of $75 per ticket to see her and it was sold out!  “The medium income is $6000 a year,” she said.  She mentioned how it poured rain and was thundering and lightning and no one left.  She couldn’t believe it.  She was genuinely surprised and grateful.  She was shocked that her Monsters already knew the lyrics of her latest single that had come out just the day before.  I remember thinking as I looked at those sweet lips talking to me, “Does she know she’s Lady Gaga?”

I took care of her meal. I figured it was the least I could do, we could do, to give back.  For all her great deeds and being so kind and generous to my team and I.  She was very thankful.  She offered to sign something and when I hesitated and wasn’t sure what, she sweetly suggested a menu.  I’m still not sure where the purple sharpie came from??!  She tipped the bartender, the dishwasher, and the cooks generously, and felt bad she didn’t have more on her to give.  She took pictures with a couple of her monsters on staff and left graciously and appreciatively.  She was off to play Skee-Ball!

I could not get her out of my head for days.  There is truly something special about certain people. I don’t know what it is.  She is one creative soul and if I wasn’t a big fan before I certainly was now.  Thank you again Gaga for making this world a little bit better.  See you in Dubai!


3 thoughts on “MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER…Lady Gaga?

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