You may recall a couple years back when Trouble, the fluffy white lap companion of the hotel and real estate tycoon Leona Helmsley — and a dog that is the world’s richest and most hated bitch, passed away.  Or you may recall back further, when Ms. Helmsley passed away, Trouble was heir to 12 million dollars.

This wasn’t the only time Trouble, made an impact.  Now this impact wasn’t nearly as lucrative.  But it could have impacted the restaurant she was dining in.  New york city health code prohibits animals in restaurants and can close you down if busted.

I had the honor of meeting trouble one evening.  Now it wouldn’t have been much of a story except for the loudmouth Texan, and yes, I know they were from Texas, so I can say that.  I would guess Dallas now that I have lived in Austin.  This GCB was fit to be tied that a dog was in the restaurant.  She didn’t give a rats ass who Ms. Helmsley was or her little dog.  She and her big hair stood up tall and threatened to call 911.  After numerous threats, her cowboy calmed her down.

How this table ended up in the VIP section I’ll never know?  I’m sure someone lost their job.  Or close to it.

I don’t believe Ms. Helmsley knew what was going on. At least if she did no one knew it. She was kind of up there in age by now.  I’d love to say that we didn’t care who she or Trouble were either, but, no one, and I mean no one, was about to approach her and tell her Trouble could not be inside.  And her request for a bowl of water and side plate for some yum yum was granted as well.  And after seeing what the woman did for her after she left this planet, it was probably a good idea we all looked the other way.

She was no tyrant.  Trouble was no trouble at all.  She was just a wealthy woman who loved her wealthy dog.  Rest in peace my fellow dog-lover and your little dog too.


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