…Robin Williams

I always knew that I was different.  Whatever that is??!  And twice in my life Robin Williams touched my soul.

As a child in the late seventies and early eighties, I watched Mork & Mindy and even though I was very young I could relate to his attempts to try and understand human behaviour, and even more so, American culture.  Sometimes I was awkwardly uncomfortable watching Mork and his portrayal of him because he was so weird and different.  We weren’t suppose to act that way and the idea of enjoying it made me feel like I might get in trouble or be found out.  Looking back, I knew deep down it was something very special and pure genius.

Years later, he would join Sandra Bullock, Lance Armstrong and others for dinner.  I can still picture him sitting there at the center of the table; of attention.  He was so nice and sooo sweet to everyone around him.  I could still see Mork inside their.  Many times he made me laugh, and other times I was uncomfortable.  I felt something again, deep down.  I was in the presence of a genius, someone different and I embraced that.  My intuition and empathy have contributed to my success in this industry and at moments looking into his eyes, there was something there I related too.  Maybe it was the exhaustion of being “on” even when it goes against your personality.  I fall on the introvert side of the scale and in many cases this has contributed to my success, even though society would have you think differently, but I certainly know how exhausting it can be to be “on”.

Rest in Peace RW.


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