May I Take Your Order…Madonna?

“Each time they take the photograph
I lose a part I can’t get back
I want to hide
This is the part where I detach”

Joan of Arc by Madonna

Madonna came into 66 on my day off.  MY DAY OFF!  Bitch, I’m d………!  I’m not her biggest fan but I am intrigued.  Who isn’t?  Come on dudes, admit it?  That was back in 2005, she was on her way to a gay club to promote “Confessions on the Dance Floor.”  My friend, her server that evening, said she was all glittered out in her disco leotard and ready to disco.  I love to disco!

Flash-forward to present day.  I drive a lot, A LOT,  for work, and needed some motivation.  I was surprised to see Madonna had a new album.  Like I said, I’m not one of her biggest fans.  But her music has motivated me through a tough time back in the past so I thought, what the heck.  The first song, “Living for Love” is sweet!  My favorite for sure.  Others are good and a few are growing on me musically but more than anything some lyrics brought back memories that inspired this post.

My first time seeing Madonna was walking down Central Park West.  I saw a women dressed in yoga/workout gear wearing dark sunglasses.  She felt familiar as I walked by her, and I paused for a minute before looking back.  She also looked back and lowered her dark sunglasses and winked.  How adorable is that???!!

After a few years gone by, I found myself working back in New Jersey for a crazy woman.  When I heard the news we were catering her sister’s brunch on Thanksgiving Day on Central Park West, anticipatory anxiety set in.  I worked for Macy’s at some point and when they asked for volunteers for the Thanksgiving Day Parade I was not on that list.  The crowds!  Enough said?  If I wanted to keep my job this time I didn’t have a choice.  So, I went…

And guess who her sister’s neighbor was???  Nope, guess again?  Yup, MADONNA!!

As I listened to the above lyrics it reminded me of that Thanksgiving Day.  Thoughts of Madonna in rollers and a robe.  Lourdes, so young, watching the parade down below, but most of all, memories of guests of our client, Madonna’s neighbor,  taking photographs of them.  And then the words, from that so familiar voice, “Please don’t take my picture.”  And then again, “Please don’t take my picture.”

Empathy.  A skill I often attribute to my success.  Many celebrities followed this experience in my career.  Madonna introduced it to me.  That only now comes to me through these lyrics that inspired me to write.  The power of people you don’t ever really know of their influence.  Thank you Madonna and all the other influences who make me who I am today.



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