I always knew I was destined to work with Movie Stars and Celebrities.  But, DAMN IT, did it have to be in the restaurant industry.  What started out as a stepping stone to other things, lead to a successful and wild 20 year career in Hospitality.  These restaurant experiences were great lessons for me.  How could I show up on a film set opposite the likes of Nicole Kidman or Robert DeNiro with never having been exposed to “celebrity”? I now know those types; you know the ones who stare with jaws dropped and get the willies or become complete a-holes because they feel like they are getting less attention than the celebrity.  You know!  I suppose I was one once.  But now, unless NANCI GRIFFITH walks through the door, frankly, I don’t give a damn.  I guess I’m jaded for life.  But it still adds some great adventures to this business, if you just so happen to find yourself working in it.



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